Eaton Xenergy Switchgear

The system's modular design allows for a wide range of intelligent combinations. That means you save time, money and space. And because you can also rely on Eaton's excellent reputation for safety, you can implement individual projects in functional buildings or office and industrial buildings simply, quickly and flexibly.

  • Fully tested systems: Components + Built-in systems + Enclosures + Tools/Service
  • Delivery as flat pack or as pre-assembled enclosure.
  • Specially designed for the building infrastructure up to 5000 A.

Products Features

xEnergy switchboard systems up to 5000 A – product features
  • Enclosures for side-by-side and stand-alone cabinets
  • Degree of protection IP31 or IP55
  • Main busbars up to 5000 A
  • 2 Main busbar systems are possible in each section
  • Clear separations into functional areas from form 1to form 4 to provide even better protection for people and equipment
  • Widths of 425, 600, 800, 850, 1000, 1100, 1200and 1350 mm
  • Height 2000 mm
  • Color RAL 7035 (other colors upon request)
  • Network types TN-C, TN-C-S, TN-S, TT, IT
  • Type-tested switchgear assembliesin accordance with IEC/EN 61439
  • Optimized for 3 and 4 pole switchgear from Eaton
XP - Power sections
  • Incoming supplies, outgoers and couplings up to 5000 A
  • Cable connection from the top and bottom
  • Busbar positions rear-mounted - bottom/top mounted or running under the top panel
  • Section height 2000 mm / section depth 400/600/800/1000 (1000 = 800+200) mm
  • Internal separations up to Form 4
XF – Fixed
  • Power outgoers with circuit breakers and fuse switch disconnectors up to 630 A
  • Individual outgoers, such as control gear, motor starters, small power outgoers etc.
  • For busbar positions at the rear - top/bottom or running under the top panel
  • Section height 2000 mm / section depth 600/800 mm
  • Internal separation up to form 4
XR – Removable
  • Power outgoers with circuit breakers and strip type switch-disconnector-fuse, up to 630 A
  • Empty modules for individual applications
  • Plug-in modules and strip type switch-disconnector-fuse can be replaced under live-line working conditions
  • Internal separation up to form 4
  • Easy maintenance and reduced down times
XW – Outgoing sections - withdrawable
  • Widths of 1000/1200 mm
  • Section depths of 600/800/1000 mm
  • 3 or 4 poles
  • Rated current of dropper bars In=1000 or 2000 A / 3 or 4 poles
  • Max. short-circuit current ICW=80 kA
  • IP31/55
  • Shelf-boards can be mounted at individual heights, depending on the size of the modules
  • Max. height of dropper bar available to accommodate equipment = 1875 mm
  • Cable connection area, fully sealed off from the switchgear area, main busbar area and dropper bar area
  • Dropper bar at the front fully sealed off thanks to self-closing shutters
  • Drawers available:
    • Power outgoers up to 630 A
    • Direct starters from 0.06-132 kW
    • Reverse starters from 0.06-132 kW
    • Star-triangle starters from 5.5-110 kW
    • Outgoers from 132 to 250 kW are executed as fixed design solutions
XG – General – Empty sections for individual mounting units
  • Power factor corrections
  • Fitting systems for sub-distribution with devices for modular installation
  • Control technology with SASY 60i and xStart - suitable for installation of mounting plates as high as the section, or of split ones
  • Individual mounting units fixed on mounting plates
  • Section height 2000 mm
  • Section depths of 400/600/800 mm
  • Section widths of 425/600/800/850/1000/1100/1200/1350 mm
  • IP31/55


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